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Many homeowners choose to wallpaper some of the rooms in the house, especially if the walls are relatively smooth and have little or no brocade. Some of this wallpapering you can do yourself if you are handy but the more intricate and larger jobs you might want to leave for a professional. Wallpapering an entire house can be a real time consuming job unless you have the right tools and know what you are doing. We at Tri-County Painting have experts on staff who can advise you on wallpapering and can suggest places to go for a wide selection of quality products should you want to try it yourself. Or, if you would rather we do it for you, we can consult and make suggestions from our years of experience in colors, type of materials and which products would give you the longest use. Not all wallpapers are the same!

Wallpaper must be applied on a properly prepared foundation, or it will show every defect left beneath it. Good wall preparation is the first step, just as when you wish to paint. Walls or old paper must be clean, sized and sealed, and wallpaper must be allowed to relax before hanging.

Wallpaper can be very unforgiving. Smooth papers will telegraph every pimple, crack, depression, or defect the next day. Bumps you never realized will be highlighted as soon as the paper dries and stretches itself over every piece of sand or grit.

Primers, sealers, and sizing are designed to create the necessary base so that adhesives can stick well and that wall coverings can be removed with little damage to the wall surface.

There is a lot to wallpapering a room. From the selecting of the proper type and color of paper to the estimation of the amount needed for any given job. Tri-County Painting experts can discuss with you many of the details needed to make your wallpapering job look superb!