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Residential Exterior

The weather in the Pacific Northwest puts great demands on the exterior of homes and apartments. When selecting paints for these situations, many things must be considered, for choosing the wrong paint could greatly disappoint the home owner.

The experts at Tri-County painting take many factors into consideration such as: What is the substrate that the paint will be expected to adhere to? How long does the owner expect the paint job to last? Is the siding on the house weathered badly, dried out, have rot or need to be repaired before painting?

With some houses, a minimum of preparation work is necessary while others may require sanding, priming, caulking, removal of dry rot and other considerations if the home owner expects the paint job to last longer than just five or six years. Before every job, one of our expert supervisors will meet with the home owner and carefully inspect the house and point out things the owner might never see on a casual inspection. In some situations, our experts can arrange a representative from the paint company to join the team in analyzing what type of paint would best suit the desired results. Their help and advice is always free and gives the home owner great peace of mind.

Tri-County Painting not only are very experienced in preparing a house for the paint coating, but also know how to pre-treat the surface to maximize lasting power of the coating. Priming the house correctly before painting and repairing flaws on the surface is very important. We not only spray paint the house, but in some instances we meticulously roll or back-brush to ensure penetration of the paint or stain covering.

Whatever the job, you can trust the experienced professionals at Tri-County Painting.

Commercial Exterior

Commercial applications are as varied as there are situations. A good looking building says a lot about a company's image. airport bldg

Over the years we at Tri-County Painting have had the opportunity to work on virtually thousands of commercial exterior jobs from large buildings to smaller business offices. Big or small, every job gets the same professional attention we are known for.

Our experience has proven to be a valuable asset to our customers. We understand the various needs of businesses such as special times to work, demand for covering valuable equipment of the customer and getting the job done right, on schedule and on budget.

Our specialized equipment for commercial jobs is not exceeded by anyone in our area. We continue to develop new techniques and new equipment to produce the best application possible.

If your company needs to invest in an application to the interior or exterior of your business, give Tri-County Painting a call. The consulting service is free and you will appreciate the results!