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Wall and Ceiling Brocade

There are so many ways to finish wall and ceilings it would take a book (and usually does) to suggest all the methods available to you. We have worked with homes with walls and ceilings having extensive work such as stucco and antiquing finishes to those with very basic finishes.

The walls in most new homes usually start out very simple: sheetrock and a light coat of paint which is the base for future work. This becomes your artboard for future work. From here you can either go with texturing using dozens of methods or you might want to put on wall papering.

Wall Texturing (also known as brocading )- This is one of the oldest (and often the most beautiful) of wall and ceiling treatments for both walls and ceilings. Texturing can range from simple "bumps" such as the "orange peel" texturing to the left to very ornate and deep texturing that can be done with various tools and skill levels.

However, most modern texturing is done with a variation of the orange peel texturing. This provides an attractive look, is inexpensive and also can usually be wallpapered over often without any special preparation at all. It paints extremely well too.

Some of the heavier wall texturing that can be done with special tools can give your home a special look. However, in some cases this precludes any wallpapering for the texture would show through the paper. Light texturing with rollers and wide application knives can be very attractive in homes.

We can advise you about this mode of texturing and other alternatives that might fit your home better. Other texturing would include heavy use of compound applied by skilled texturing people using trowels and or special roller brushes. This is the type of texturing you might see in many restaurants and expensive homes. Let us show you different methods available. You will be impressed!