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Residential Interior

When planning your interior or decorating project there are many factors to consider. Getting the right color that matches the entire decor is just the beginning. We can show you new paints which offer many benefits including exceptional durability and low odor that are now available for residential use.

Tri-County Painting can also provide a wide range of services to ensure the quality completion of virtually any remodeling or new construction job.

In addition to painting, we also offer specialized skills including wallpaper hanging, wall texturing, ceiling brocade, wood staining, lacquer applications, and texturing touch-ups.

Quality work means attention to details.

We pride ourselves in careful site preparation and cleanliness before, during and after each project.

Tri-County Painting represents over 18 years of experience with virtually every aspect of interior and exterior work. Not only are we highly skilled painters but we also can help you with floor finishes, wallpapering, staining, oil and acrylic finishes.We also remove old finishes, old wallpaper and other coatings in preparation for restoration.

Commercial Interior

We at Tri-County Painting fully understand that commercial interiors demand a high level of knowledge of paints not only for durability, but also for environmentally sound considerations including reducing or eliminating paint odors.

We have a long history in excellent service for all interiors whether they are in an office environment, commercial warehouses, worker bays, restaurants, grocery stores or many other types of indoor situations.

Our personnel work closely with the paint manufacturers to ensure the latest in technology is available to you and will give you superb satisfaction.